Deus Ex Mankind Divided Review

First let me make it clear that I love the Deus Ex series. I’ve been playing it since the original Deus Ex that won game of the year with the Denton story line. Mankind Divided was a huge let down compared to Human Revolution. The graphics AWESOME as always but items and tools available in HR were missing in MD. So the tech existed in HR but suddenly in MD those tools and weapons just don’t exist, this is annoying. Well that’s life sometimes we can’t have it all right? At least it will take a while to play and experience the story line… NOPE! I feel like the devs spent all their time on graphics and so little on the story. In HR we fly all over the world and complete missions but in MD we mostly take a train around Prague… It was fun to play but overall a disappointment based on the prior games setting a high expectation.

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